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Understanding the Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Toronto

Driving Without Insurance in Toronto

The province of Ontario is extremely serious about limiting the number of drivers who choose to operate vehicles on the road without insurance. Driving without insurance in Toronto, or anywhere else in Ontario, is illegal and comes with a minimum fine of $5,000 with an additional 25% surcharge, bringing the total fine to at least $6,250 for a first offense. This makes driving without insurance one of the most expensive charges that a driver can face. The minimum fine for a second offense is $10,000 ($12,500 with surcharge). In addition to the fines, the driver’s license may also be suspended for up to a full year and the car may be impounded as well.
While it may be especially expensive to pay for insurance if you live in or around the GTA, the steep fines and possible license suspension are in place to deter people from driving without insurance. Despite these deterrents, there are circumstances and situations that cause people to choose to drive without insurance.

Understanding Driving-Without-Insurance Charges

Drivers who are stopped by the police, for whatever reason, are required to provide all relevant documentation that provides proof of insurance for the vehicle. For motor vehicles operating in Ontario, the minimal insurance necessary is third-party liability.
The most common types of tickets issued for lack of insurance are the following:
  • Operating a motor vehicle without insurance – the driver is also the owner of the vehicle
  • Permitting the operation of a motor vehicle without insurance – the driver is not the owner of the vehicle
  • Producing false insurance
  • Failure to surrender insurance card
These types of offenses vary greatly in severity from a minimal fine for failure to surrender the insurance card to the large fines and possible license suspension mentioned above for operating a motor vehicle without insurance.
Even one small conviction on your driving record will negatively affect your ability to obtain insurance in the future. While many insurance companies look at demerit points, some insurance companies look only at the number of convictions. This is why it is important to speak to a professional paralegal service to understand the implications of any type of motor vehicle conviction, regardless of the perceived severity.

Professional and Experienced Paralegal Services

Enlisting the help of professional and experienced paralegal services is an excellent way to fully understand any charges that are being faced. Operating a motor vehicle without insurance is a serious offense, but there are paralegal teams with over 20 years of experience successfully defending clients against these especially difficult types of charges as well as fighting traffic tickets. This involves looking at each client’s unique situation and identifying all of the evidence available supporting the charge. Careful analysis of this information by professionals makes it possible to chart the best course of action to fight any pending charges.
Driving without insurance in Toronto is a severe charge with repercussions that are comparable to those associated with impaired driving. Find out what options are available for this charge and also traffic tickets by obtaining professional, experienced paralegal services today.
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